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Mindfulness with Douvris

Achieving Goals Through Karate: How is it Different?

Much like those classic all-ages toy commercials, goal-setting benefits those aged 1 to 101. Although the goals and the process of achieving them vary with age, the core benefit is the same. Goals are a way of holding one accountable, determining what one wants in life, and keeping one on track.

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8 Simple and Realistic Self-Care Tips and Ideas

Practicing self-care is the most important way to help students keep their stress levels low and avoid burnout. Here are 8 simple and realistic self-care tips and ideas that you and your family can implement.

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Builing confidence for the next school year

How to Build School Confidence Through Martial Arts for 2024

Summer is in session…but the new school year is quickly approaching. It’s said that the mindset of a child in the first few months of school can really show the course that they will be on for the remainder of the school year.

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How to Keep Kids off Their Screens in the Summer

With summer also comes a large amount of downtime. With that, it’s easy for kids to want to reach for their devices. Here are some different ways to keep kids off their screens during summer break.

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Introducing the Douvris Wellness Centre

Gone are the days of doom scrolling, sour news stories, and disconnected media. Enter: Douvris Wellness Centre.

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Managing Stress

How to Best Manage and Reduce Stress Through Fitness

With a new year comes many other new things like; new goals, new challenges, and new events. Another prominent aspect that tends to come with a new year is new stress.

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How to Take Responsibility Through the Help of Karate

Learning How to Take Responsibility Through the Help of Karate

Responsibility can be shown and enacted in many forms. However, in a very general sense, it refers to the act of being accountable, learning from your actions, and having the ability for others to be able to rely on you.

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Teaching Humility

Teaching Humility Through Karate: The Importance and Benefits

Having a sense of humbleness often too comes with a sense of self-awareness of one’s capabilities. What is meant by that, is an understanding and acceptance of our strengths and limitations.

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kids getting ready for class

Karate for Kids: Early Development and Creating Lifelong Skills

One’s level of success oftentimes directly relates to their level of self-confidence.

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The Mental Benefits of Karate

The Mental Benefits of Karate and Martial Arts at Douvris

The physical benefits incorporated with martial arts are lengthy- but have you ever considered the even longer list of mental benefits?

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