How to Build School Confidence Through Martial Arts for 2024

Builing confidence for the next school year

Summer is in session…but the new school year is quickly approaching. It’s said that the mindset of a child in the first few months of school can really show the course that they will be on for the remainder of the school year. Here are some ways that you can help to instill confidence in your children this summer to prepare them for the upcoming year.

Provide Your Children With a Socializing Environment That Benefits Them

With children being away from their everyday peers, it’s common for social skills to slip over the summer season. Especially so, if they are no longer surrounded by people their own age that they can socialize with. Providing your children with an environment like the dojo where they can interact with others their own age can:

  • Allow for their social skills to remain sharp.
  • Give them the opportunity to communicate in an ‘equal playing field’ sense with individuals that they are able to connect with and communicate with at levels that their social skills are at.
  • Provide a space where they can freely express themselves.

Keep the Act of Goal Setting Top of Mind

Much like school, martial arts is very strongly structured on personal achievements and goal setting. Over the summer, children can often fall out of the mindset as they are no longer surrounded by this concept on a daily basis. Attending weekly or bi-weekly martial arts classes, whether karate or kickboxing, is a great way to keep the act of goal setting top of mind. It will also make for a seamless transition when the school year rolls around allowing for them to feel that they can confidently take on the new year.

Help to Keep Their Stress Levels to a Minimum

It’s very important for a child’s confidence to be able to enter a new school year with a clear mind and a low level of stress. A great way for them to do so is through exercise and fitness as a whole. While exercising, your body releases endorphins. Endorphins are like ‘happy boosters’ that run through your brain. They help to improve your mood and attitude in a near-instant way. A routine release of these is important year-round for your child to face their school tasks with confidence.

Encourage the Art of Positive Self Talk

Whether at school, in the dojo, or even at work in the future- along with learning new things often comes defeat and frustration. This is completely okay, but it is helpful to know how to manage this internally. With martial arts, the art of positive self-talk is deeply encouraged. Meaning, learning from your mistakes, challenging yourself to keep going, and rewarding yourself for trying. Instead of focusing on the mistake, loss, or defeat, focus on what you can learn from it, and how you can do things differently next time. This can help your children confidently take on tasks in the upcoming school year like:

  • Studying for an upcoming test or quiz. It can help them to avoid the feeling of early defeat that may have stemmed from a previous poor grade.
  • Trying out for a sports team, choir, or band.
  • Raising their hand to try and answer a teacher’s question.
  • Volunteering to assist with a task like reading a paragraph from the class book, taking a note to the office, or acting as a team captain in gym class.

Confidence Classes at Douvris Martial Arts

From ages 4 and up, we offer a great list of classes for your children. Our character development program gives our members the opportunity to discuss, practice, and apply character development traits in their lives. From self-confidence to responsibility, and all in between. You can view our entire list of martial arts programs here.

Please note this article is based on our own thoughts and has not been formally approved by a healthcare or fitness professional.