Join The Pink Army

ONCE AGAIN THIS OCTOBER, all of our DMA locations will join together to raise funds in support of BREAST CANCER RESEARCH. To date, over the past two years, the DOUVRIS family of dojos have raised almost $10,000!

This year our goal is to raise even more!

Join the DMA Pink ArmyAt some point in our lives, each and every one of us will know someone, or be someone, whose life has been affected by this dreaded disease.

So this OCTOBER join the DMA PINK ARMY!

For a $20 DONATION you will receive a PINK BELT for 2017 to proudly wear to all of your classes in the month of OCTOBER! If you already have a PINK BELT from a previous year, then wear it with pride once again, become a second or third degree PINK BELT, and simply make a $20 donation to this worthwhile cause for the privilege of doing so.

Now is our chance to come together once again and help raise not only much needed research money but also awareness as we move ever closer to a cure so that someday we won’t need a PINK ARMY at all.

We are a DOUVRIS family.


All proceeds go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Society.

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