Team Douvris in Philadelphia and Burlington

Team Douvris in Philadelphia and Burlington Team Douvris split up this past weekend to take on two separate competitions. Part of our team went to Philadelphia to compete in the AmeriKick tournament, while another group traveled to Burlington to take part in the first ever Impact Nationals.

In Philadelphia our junior underbelts got a few medals. Kim Hopkins won bronze in traditional kata. Nathan Gourde won silver in point sparring as well as silver in continuous sparring (8-9 year-olds). Payton Rudder also won silver in point sparring (14-15 year-olds).

Team Douvris in Philadelphia and BurlingtonOur junior black belt competitors also did very well. Patrick Gourde won bronze in team fighting as well as gold in individual continuous sparring. Sébastien Bélanger won first place in continuous sparring. Nico Campagna won gold in point sparring in 14-15 years old taller boys as well as bronze in 15-17 years old open weight. Calvin Foote won gold in continuous sparring while Niko Couture also won gold in point sparring.

In adult black belt divisions Ben Clarke placed third in non-bladed weapons, Anna Bélanger won gold in point sparring, while Megan Bowman won third in traditional kata, gold in Chinese forms, and first in team traditional kata with Subadhra Shrestha.

Meanwhile in Burlington our junior underbelts were on fire. Kaleb Hihnala won bronze in point sparring as well as bronze in continuous sparring. William Carr won silver in continuous sparring, silver in traditional kata and gold in point sparring. Catherine Robson won bronze in traditional kata as well as gold in point sparring. And it was a clean sweep for Alejandro Miguelez who won gold in four divisions: continuous sparring, point sparring, traditional kata and traditional weapons.

In black belt divisions Rhane Daly Stevens placed fourth in point sparring and in traditional bo, third in continuous sparring and in traditional kata, as well as second in creative bo, while Brigitte Pellerin won gold in traditional kata and point sparring.

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