Team Douvris At The WKC Nationals

We’d like to congratulate all of our competitors who competed at the WKC Nationals in Ottawa! Below is a list of Team Douvris who brought home medals! Great job Team Douvris and happy training for the upcoming World Championships!



Cody Diesbourg: Men’s 18+ Point Sparring: GOLD

Subhadra Shrestha: Team Kata – GOLD,
Women’s 18+ Harstyle – GOLD,
Women’s 18+ Classical – GOLD

Michele Lorusso: Sparring: 15-17(-65kg):  GOLD,
Katas:   5th -Traditional,
8th -Classical

Dante Lorusso: Sparring 13-14(-65kg):  SILVER

Teo LeBris: Point Sparring 11-12, – 35kg: 4th place 

Kaleb Hihnala: Point Sparring 13-14 boys -45kg: SILVER,
Continuous Sparring 13-14 boys -45kg: BRONZE

Zoë Houle: Point Sparring Girls -60kg: SILVER

Rhys Collar: Point Sparring Boys -60kg: SILVER

Remy Collar: Point Sparring Girls -40kg: 4th place

Olivia Vaughan: Point Sparring Girls -10yrs -30 kg: 4th place

David Patenaude: Point Sparring for Boys 13-14, +65kg: SILVER

Isaiah Lang: Point Sparring 13-14 yrs Boys, -50 kg: GOLD

Keagan Goosen: Hard Style: GOLD,
Point Sparring -10yrs -30kg: SILVER,
Creative Weapons: SILVER,
Traditional Weapons: BRONZE,
Classical: 5th place

Bronwyn Foote: Point Sparring Girls: BRONZE

Calvin Foote: Point Sparring Men’s: BRONZE

Hana Sakamoto: Point Sparring 10 & under -40kg: 7th place 

Kristian Sakamoto: Classical forms: 8th place,
Hard Style: 5th place,
Point Sparring Boys -10ys +40kg: 4th place

Hannah Morrier: Girls Sparring: SILVER

Kim Hopkins: Girls Sparring: BRONZE, Team Kata: BRONZE,
Girls Classical Kata: 4th Place,
Girls Hardstyle: 5th Place

Elizabeth: Girls Point Sparring: 6th place,
Girls Classical Kata: 9th place


Sierra Vergette: Sparring – GOLD, Classical kata – BRONZE,
Traditional kata – 4th Place

Jayce Vergette: Sparring – GOLD

Emily Richards: Sparring – BRONZE

Velyien Thomson: Sparring BRONZE

Ketana Vandemheen: Sparring – SILVER


Ben Clarke: Men’s -60 Point Sparring – GOLD,
Men’s Classical Kata – 4th Place,
Men’s Traditional Hardstyle – 5th place

Kiana Pilon: Girls Point Sparring – SILVER

Jordan Lalonde: Continuous – BRONZE,
Point Sparring – 4th place


Amanda Allard: Women’s Hardstyle: BRONZE,
Team Kata Traditional: BRONZE

David Allard: Men’s Hardstyle: BRONZE,
Veteran Men’s Hardstyle: BRONZE,
Team Kata Traditional: BRONZE

Debbie Lawes: Point Sparring (35+): GOLD,
Point Sparring (42+) BRONZE

Shawn Tougas: Men’s Point Sparring: SILVER

Tom Vaculik:  Musical Weapons (18+) – SILVER,
Creative Weapons (18+): SILVER

Barry Dworkin: Creative Weapons (42+) – BRONZE

Byron Laws: Men’s Point Sparring (35+): SILVER, Men’s Point Sparring (42+): SILVER 


Robbie Lavoie (Men’s 18+):Gold – Men’s Point Fighting

Bilcar Vuk (Boys 10-): Gold – Classical Kata,
Gold – Sparring

Bilcar Petar (Boys 10-): Bronze – Point Sparring 

Bilcar Una (Girls 11-12): 6th Classical Kata,
6th Sparring

Noble Hannah (Girls 10-): Silver – Classical Kata,
Bronze Hard Style Kata

Morin Wang Laura (Girls 10-): 4th Hard Style,
5th Classical Kata

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