Free Bully Busters Workshops Offered in the Fall

DOUVRIS karate Ottawa schools will be offering special, FREE 1.5-hour workshops targeted at bully prevention and self-defense for kids:

Knowledge is a child’s greatest weapon against bullies, and this workshop will arm them with both information and self-defense techniques that will build their confidence and make them more aware of their surroundings.

Students will learn:

  • Who bullies are
  • Why bullies act like they do
  • What bullies do to others
  • Smart ways to be a Bully Buster
  • Safety exercises and defence techniques

The skills and philosophies taught in this workshop are also found at the core of all DOUVRIS Karate Programs.

Attendees will also qualify for a discount on a one-year membership if they sign up on the day of the workshop.

Contact us today at (613) 234-5000 to register for one of these workshops.

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