Online Dojo

Hello Douvris family, we hope you are all doing well, staying home and enjoying our online classes! 
We’ve built our site so that you can find all the videos for your belt level in one place (tyke, beginner, intermediate or advanced). Each week we upload a new “Warm Up of the Week”, as well as, “Basics and Review” for each group, plus, extra sparring, challenges and curriculum tutorials! We want you to be able to customize each of your karate classes ensuring that each time you practice, you are practicing the parts of karate you love the most. 
We have Facebook classes 1 time a week, for all belts and all ages and are looking into using the zoom platform for those of us having trouble with the live-streaming. Join us on Facebook live at:

  • Friday at 3:00 pm

Some of the cool videos you’ll find online: 

  • Sparring with Sensei Robbie 
  • Yoga and Relaxation with Dr. Reesa Packard 
  • Kickboxing with Sensei Loyola from Panama 
  • Kata Basics with Sensei Suba and Sensei Nick 

You can also check out the awesome content under the Douvris International, Douvris Orleans and Douvris Barrhaven sections! 

Having Trouble Logging In? 

  • I can’t Sign up
  • I didn’t receive the temporary password to my email 
  • No videos are loading 
  • Greyed out login stream 

Find the answers to these problems on our help page.
WKC Live Classes! 
Every Sunday, you can catch a live class at 3 pm and Wednesday at 4 pm with the best of sport karate on the WKC World Facebook page! Don’t miss this opportunity to train with the best!

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