Learning How to Take Responsibility Through the Help of Karate

Responsibility can be shown and enacted in many forms. However, in a very general sense, it refers to the act of being accountable, learning from your actions, and having the ability for others to be able to rely on you.

Learning to take responsibility through the help of karate is a discipline that we teach inside the dojo daily. Skills taught in the dojo are oftentimes carried throughout one’s entire life. When teaching the bones of true responsibility amongst other lifelong skills, our senseis approach it in a transferrable way that can be applied both inside the dojo and outside in life.

How to Take Responsibility Through the Help of Karate

Refuse to Rationalize and Make Excuses

At the end of the day, you are ultimately responsible for your own actions. Much like in karate, the help of others is beneficial, but, it is up to the actions of you alone to be able to accomplish things like obtaining a new belt, learning a new skill, or even establishing a new mindset.

When working towards something, it is very easy to justify situations and make excuses in order to make the process seem simpler. Sometimes, especially in tougher situations, this feels easier mentally than taking responsibility for the task at hand. However, it makes it very difficult for one to be able to learn, grow, and ultimately achieve their goals in the end.

  • Take breaks. Oftentimes a 15-minute break to clear one’s head and regroup can accomplish much more than spending two or three times that duration focusing on the task alone. Instead of completely stopping and continuing another day, try just taking a short step back and working at it again a few moments later.
  • Make your goal clear. Say it out loud. Whether this is simply finishing a math worksheet, or working towards a new belt in the dojo, it is important to have a clear and total understanding of what your goal is. Sometimes goals can get mushed together. By saying it out loud, you are establishing a set idea of what you are looking to achieve completely.
  • Be overall realistic with your goals. Understand yourself and set goals that are obtainable. Some can certainly be tougher than others, but they must be possible. By doing so, you can avoid the feeling of wanting to rationalize setbacks.

Rise Above the Opinions of Others

As much as you are responsible for yourself, you can also in ways be responsible for others. The beauty about people is that everyone thinks in a different way. Whether you may agree or not, opinions are prevalent with all. When faced with the opinions of others, it’s important to remain centered on who you are and what you are trying to achieve, and not let them hold you back.

Do Not Criticize or Condemn Your Peers

Do Not Criticize or Condemn Your Peers

By rising above the opinions of others, one must also be responsible for not criticizing and condemning their peers. Criticism is a concept in life that tends to carry through all that one does. When approached respectfully and thoughtfully, this can have a very positive effect on one’s mindset and actions. However, there too are many ways that this can be harmful. By saying negative things, you can be responsible for how one ultimately feels. At Douvris, our students are taught to refuse to:

  • Criticize others for their actions, thoughts, or beliefs
  • Complain about others and what they do.
  • Condemn others for things that you do not like or understand.

In doing so, a safe and equal space is established allowing for everyone to be responsible for themselves, and be able to work and succeed at their own pace.

Final Notes

Learning how to take responsibility through the help of karate is a leading factor in teaching one to avoid excuses, rise above the opinions of others, and refuse to criticize peers. You can learn more about our tykes, kids, youth, and adult karate programs here.

Please note this article is based on our own thoughts and has not been formally approved by a healthcare or fitness professional.

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