Happy Father’s Day

Dad, come try out our
karate or kickboxing classes
for ONE week, free!

Book your free week from now until the end of June at any DOUVRIS location!



Did your outdoor patio set conk out and now you need a new $2K set? What is patio furniture made of to be so costly anyways? I digress but your husband, he must feel some frustration so why not send the hubby to kickboxing classes for a week where he can go all ninja on our lovely man dummies ? and release some of that pent-up aggression. OR if he’s one of those “happy guys”, well maybe we can teach him to say no to the neighbours when they come asking to borrow his tools. Either way, you need our free week. Call us!


Why not let mom and dad go to class together and you (and sibs) stay home, not eat ALL the cookies in the jar, don’t break a thing, and you know, be those great kids you are with the babysitter! Gifts don’t always have to be about things you buy and give. Gifts can come from the heart and come in the form of giving your time, giving a hand, or giving someone a break!

 or call us at 613-234-5000613-234-5000 for more information.

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