Black Belt Grading: 2017 Edition

Black Belt Grading 2017

Once a year we gather students from all our Douvris schools for a very special black belt grading. This year, 128 of our hard-working students had the opportunity to show their skills and earn their black belts. We had kids testing for their junior black belts, adults for their first-degree black belts, as well as black belts graduating to their second- or third-degree black belts. The grading took place over two days, with a strenuous test on Saturday followed by a display of skills for friends and family on Sunday.

Black Belt Grading 2017In addition to a shiny new black belt, each successful student received a certificate as well as a rose to give to the person who has helped them most to get to that level. Nobody becomes a black belt on their own, and at Douvris we believe in helping our students express their gratitude.

We are very proud of our new black belts. Their hard work, dedication and endurance have earned them their new rank and are opening the door to new opportunities. Enjoy your new belts, and wear them with pride. And get back to the dojo to start training for the next level.

Congratulations to all!





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